Daiwa Super Lithium 9200WP-L-C 899628 Electric Fishing Reel BATTERY w/ Charger


Daiwa Super Lithium 9200WP-L-C 899628 Electric Fishing Reel BATTERY w/ Charger


MPN: 899635
UPC: 4960652899635

Rating: Dc14.8V / 9.2Ah
Outside Diameter (Body): 93 ~ 202 ~ 45Mm
Body Weight: About 1070G
Winding On The Number Of Times: About 198 Times The Winding Number Of Times ¦ The Seaborg The Number Of Times Equivalent To 100M Sky Winding 80 No. Vicinal At 400 Size Reel. Number Of Times May Vary According To The Environment And Conditions. Please Note.
Available Reel: Daiwa Electric Reel 1000 Size Below (?¦ This Product Is A Daiwa Electric Reel Only)
Remaining Capacity At A Glance With "Remaining Check Function" (¦ "Battery Check" Button The Only Lights Up When You Press)
To Clean After Fishing Easily Washable (?¦ Be Immersed In Water, Please Stop)
Charger Super Lithium Bm1600 / 2000 / 2000Ii / 2300, Super Lithium 6600Wp-L / 8800Wp-L And The Common
Charger With A Private Code ¦ Charge Only Code Prevents In Advance The Charger Failure At The Time Of Alligator Clip Reverse Connection.
Carry And The Actual Fishing Convenient Belt With
During ¦ Charger Of Daiwa Super Lithium Battery Is Compatible, (Except For The Ac Adapter Of 8000Wp-L), Which Commonly Offers Use.
¦ If It Over-Discharge, Extremely Battery Will Degrade. If It Is Stored For A Long Time Do Not Use, Please Do Charge Once Every Two To Three Months. Also, Please Do Not Leave In A State In Which The Used-Up. Also
¦ Lithium Battery Has A Limited Service Life. In The Normal Course Of Your Way, It May Not Be Able To Charge In Three To Four Years Position. Please Purchase A New Battery It Will Be At That Time Is Life.

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  • Manufacturer: DAIWA